About Me

Welcome to KitchenLove Stories. I’m so glad you stopped by.

My name is Carmen. I’m a wife, step-mom and business owner who enjoys creating fresh and healthy edibles. Regaining my health was a long journey for me and I love sharing what I’ve learned and have been inspired to create over the years.

I wasn’t always healthy or health-minded. I was raised on a less than optimum diet that included a lot of processed foods and enormous amounts of refined white sugar and caffeine. I still recall a comment by a school mate that I ate more sugar than anyone they had ever seen. And I enjoyed every bite. I loved my junk food. But by the time I was 19 I was really paying the price for it. I was riddled with so many health issues I could barely function. Some of these issues included pre-diabetic hypoglycemia, insomnia, migraines, anemia, depression, chronic bladder infections, ongoing flus and infections, not to mention I was very underweight and emaciated looking. I was also hooked on sleeping pills off and on (seconals were the drug of choice for me) due to my chronic insomnia. These were all caused by severe deficiencies, and impacted every area of my life. Many of my dreams were already shattered due to my poor health. One day I decided to do something about it.

I started looking for answers which led me down the road of nutrition. I began to reduce my sugar intake and added more whole foods into my diet. I felt better instantly. Wanting to learn all I could, I read every health book I could get my hands on and attended every natural healing seminar I could. It became on obsession culminating in my working with alternative cancer therapy clinics and several natural health-oriented and animal welfare organizations. I experimented a lot with different whole food diets during this time and I can honestly say I’ve tried just about everything. My journey ultimately led me to predominately raw and whole foods where I’ve been happily camped for a long time now (in fact almost 18 years!). It just works for me on so many levels. I might veer off course now and then but I always pretty much stay true to it due to my health issues.

My advice is always to listen to your body, eat sensibly, and avoid labels. You are on a journey towards something good, and along the way a lot will be discovered. Over the course of your lifetime, your diet will most likely take many turns. My advice is; always remember your veggies, and keep your foods as fresh and unprocessed as possible. Also remember to be happy in your food journey. Life is to be lived and enjoyed, and I personally want to see you get the most out of your life.

The recipes on this website are my own creations. I’m always learning and experimenting in the kitchen and really enjoy my time there. In fact, I love it! I try to use the best ingredients possible because I believe that whole natural organic foods are what we were designed to eat. They taste better and are better for the planet and the environment. Natural foods are beautiful, tasty, and highly nutritious. See if you don’t feel better after just one week of increasing your fresh food intake.

Most of the recipes here are raw and plant-based with the occasional cooked recipe thrown in. Some of the cooked recipes can be made raw as well. Most of the recipes are paleo and primal-friendly while others can be modified to suit most any diet. I am always tweaking and fine-tuning my recipes to make them as accessible as possible without compromising the flavor and health aspects. I usually include numerous substitutions and alternatives as well.

All of the photos on this site have been taken by me. I’ve recently become interested in food photography and look forward to getting more proficient as time goes on. Making food is such a large part of my life and I love sharing what I make.

I hope that you find the recipes and information presented on these pages inspiring and helpful, and the website easy to maneuver around. It was created to help both you and myself gain a better understanding of how our bodies work while enjoying delicious foods.

This website is a continual work in progress so please check back often. Feel free to send me questions, comments and suggestions at the Contact Page.

Thank you again for supporting this site.

Lovingly to Your Good Health,